General terms and conditions

Dear guest,
Department for Public and Business Relations  - Tourismus - of Einbeck’s city council, in short Einbeck Tourismus, represented by the Tourist-Information Einbeck, has a variety of attractive touristic services on offer for you. Herein, Einbeck Tourismus assumes different functions. In order to guarantee that contracts are processed smoothly, we establish clear legal regulations with you. The accompanying table shows an overview of the offers, the position of Einbeck Tourismus and the valid regulations for the respective offer: The conditions stated in the right-hand column and detailed underneath will be content of the contract to be agreed on with you. Therefore, please read these conditions carefully!



Offer / medium: Hotels, guest houses, holiday houses / apartments / rooms
(booking portal on this website / accommodation register)
Tasks of Einbeck TourismusWe only act as intermediaries for accomodations.
Your contractual partner in case of booking: The landlord of the respective accomodation facilities
Valid regulations: Section A of the general terms and conditions: Guest admission and agency conditions

1. Booking
The host’s quote as well as the guest’s booking are based on the accommodation’s description in the accommodation register and the additional information in the service description on the booking portal under The booking may be made directly on (see 1.2) or on request, via e-mail, in writing, by telephone or personally. The query of the book-ing request is registered, processed and transferred via the information and reservation system Deskline to the landlord selected by the host. 
1.2 Booking via the booking portal: By pushing the button “Binding booking” the guest is offering the host to bindingly conclude the guest admission contract. The guest receives an electronic receipt of the booking request. The guest admission contract is only concluded after the guest has received the final booking confirmation. 
1.3 The guest admission contract is concluded as soon as the room/s or holiday apartment/s are requested and has/have been confirmed by the landlord or Einbeck Tourismus. Legal partners of the contract are the landlord and the guest as tenant. Einbeck Tourismus only acts as agency. After completion of the booking the guest receives a final electronic booking confirmation. 

2. Accounting
The prices per room stated generally include bed & breakfast, any deviation is added in the description. For holiday apartments/houses the prices count per day and unit respectively per day and person.
They include VAT and service fees. If stated, variable additional costs such as e.g. final cleaning for holiday apartments are not included.  
2.2 The due date for payments depends on the terms stated in the booking confirmation. If there has not been any special agreement, the total price including the fees for additional costs and services is due at the end of the stay and payable to the host. 

3. Arrival and departure
If not agreed otherwise, any booked accommodation is available at least at 16h on the day of arrival. 
3.2  In case of arrivals after 18h the guest is obliged to inform the host. If the guest fails to do so, the host is entitled to re-assign the accommodation – for bookings of one overnight stay – two hours after this date, and for bookings of several overnight stays after 12h on the following day. 
3.3 If not agreed otherwise, accommodation is to be vacated until 12h on the day of departure. If the deadline is not kept and the parties did not expressly agree otherwise, the host is entitled to demand extra charges. 

4. Travel cancellations
The guest as well as the landlord may cancel a booking. This cancellation has to be communicated to the agency in writing. Decisive for the time of cancella-tion is the receipt of the written notice of cancellation at Einbeck Tourismus (agency). 
If the guest withdraws from an accommodation agreement, the landlord may charge compensation for the travel arrangements and his expenses. If the guest does not use the contractual services, he / she is obliged to pay the agreed price less the expenses saved by the host. According to valid regulations, the host is entitled to claim
for accommodation without board (also holiday apartments / houses) max. 90%,
for accommodation with breakfast max 80%,
for half-board max. 70%,
for full board max. 60%
of the agreed accommodation price. 
4.3 The host undertakes in good faith to let the unused rooms to other guests, if possible, in order to avoid financial loss.
4.4 The guest has to pay the amount calculated for the duration of the contact until the accommodation has been assigned to another person. 

It is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance. 

5. Complaints
If there is any cause of complaint the guest is kindly required to contact the landlord in any case. In general, the landlord will be ready to provide a solution so that the guest receives the services guaranteed in the accommodation register / on the booking portal. The guest is obliged to immediately notify any shortcomings or defaults to the host and demand remedy. If the guest is culpable of not providing notification of defects, the guest's claims may be rendered totally or partially invalid. It is not sufficient only to notify the agency Einbeck Tourismus of defects.

6. Liability
The legal requirements apply. Einbeck Tourismus is liable in the framework of the information and reservation system only for proper placement and forwarding of the booking to the landlord. Einbeck Tourismus is not liable for acts and omissions of the landlord. 



Offer / medium: City & event tours as well as programs for groups (refer to brochure “City and event tours”, brochure ”Group offers and arrangements”,
Tasks of Einbeck TourismusThe Tourist-Information Einbeck is your contractual partner
Your contractual partner in case of booking: The Tourist-Information Einbeck is your contractual partner
Valid regulations: Section B of the general terms and conditions:Conditions for tours and visits

1. Booking / Conclusion of contract
Bookings may be submitted electronically, by telephone or in writing. The con-tract takes effect with our booking confirmation as service agreement according to section 631 et seq. BGB [German Civil Code]. 

2. Payment
City & event tours as well as group programs are invoiced together with the booking confirmation in advance. Payment of the invoice is due before provision of service by transfer

3. Services and prices
If there were no other written agreements, only the service and price quotations stated in the booking confirmation are applicable. The regulations in C.2.2. and C.4 of these booking conditions are applicable respectively. 
3.1  For city and event tours the maximum number of participants (group size) is 25 persons. Exceptions are marked accordingly. In case the number of partici-pants is exceeded booking a further tour guide is mandatory. A special regulation is only possible in exceptional cases after written agreement with Einbeck Tourismus. For group programs the maximum number of participants may vary. The currently valid touristic brochure and the information onthis website are applicable. 
3.2 Any delays should be reported by the visitor to the tour guide on the guide’s mobile phone number as soon as possible. The tour guide will wait at the agreed meeting point for the complete appearance of the group (visitor) for 30 minutes for 90-minute-tours and for 15 minutes for 60-minute-tours. If the group is delayed and the timeframe of the booked service has to be decreased, the price agreed upon in the booking confirmation still has to be paid. In case of any delay, the right to the full service is only given if the natural circumstances or opening times of public buildings, museums etc. allow for this. For programs that include any gastronomic services it may not be guaranteed that these may still be performed or performed to their full extend in case of delays of more than 30 minutes.
3.3 For bus tours for that the group travels with its own bus, the visitor has to make sure that a seat with seatbelt as well as a working microphone equipment is available for the tour guide. If there is no seatbelt, the tour guide may refuse to accompany the bus tour. In case of a missing or damaged microphone equip-ment it may occur that no explanations may be given during the tour. Independ-ent from the previous the agreed fees are still applicable.
3.4 Type and scope of the agreed contractual services result from the booking confirmation. Any changes, additions or side-agreements made on request of the visitor after the booking confirmation has been drawn up and sent may be charged in addition to the agreed price. Einbeck Tourismus keeps the right to change the details if inevitable reasons thus require. The visitor is informed on this immediately. The data on the duration of the tour is an approximate value based on the knowledge of the tour guide. Depending on the size of the group or other circumstances there may be deviations from this duration. The visitor is obliged to keep this in mind for planning follow-up events and the like.
3.5 For city and event tours as well as programs for groups that are charged by person the visitor should inform on the exact number of participants until at least 48 hours in advance to the date of the event. For any deviations from the initially confirmed number of participants the visitor will receive an updated booking confirmation. If Einbeck Tourismus does not receive any information on changes in the number of participants, Einbeck Tourismus has the right to charge the number of participants confirmed previously. 

4. Cancellations, break-offs, changes of bookings
4.1 If an already booked service is cancelled, Einbeck Tourismus is entitled to charge the visitor with an administration fee of € 15.00 per ordered tour/group program.
4.2 In case of cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled date, a cancellation fee amounting to the minimum fee is charged for the respective tour. 
4.3 If the person travelling breaks off a tour/group program after it has started for reasons that are under his/her own responsibility, Einbeck Tourismus is entitled to the full amount.
4.4 For changes of bookings, if these may be carried out, a rebooking fee of € 5.00 is charged per tour/program. 

5. Other terms
For agreements for city & event tours as well as group programs the terms stated under C. 7 to 8 of these booking conditions are applicable.



Offer / medium: Overnight packages (refer to brochure ”Group offers and arrange-ments”,
Tasks of Einbeck TourismusThe Tourist-Information Einbeck is your contractual partner as tour operator.
Your contractual partner in case of booking: The Tourist-Information Einbeck is your contractual partner as tour operator.
Valid regulations: Section C of the general terms and conditions: Travelling conditions for overnight packages

The regulations in this section are applicable for the overnight packages refer to brochure ”Group offers and arrangements” and on this website.

1. Conclusion of the contract
With the reservation (travel registration), that may be made orally or in writing, the visitor concludes a binding travel agreement with Einbeck Tourismus based on the description, all supplementary information in the booking basis and the travelling conditions. 
1.2 The travel agreement only comes into effect with the written booking confirmation sent to the visitor by Einbeck Tourismus. 

2. Service obligations of Einbeck Tourismus
The service obligation of Einbeck Tourismus results exclusively from the content of the booking confirmation in relation with the brochure valid for the time of travel or the tour description on and is subject to all notes and explanations contained therein.
2.2 The transport services refer exclusively to the transfer stated in the service description in or from Einbeck. The person travelling is responsible for transport from his/her place of residence to Einbeck. This also includes the luggage of the person travelling. Einbeck Tourismus cannot be held liable. Service providers, especially accommodation providers and travel agencies are not authorized by Einbeck Tourismus to give guarantees or make agreements that exceed the travel description or booking confirmation or contradict or amend the confirmed content of the travel agreement. 

3. Deposits and remaining payments
A deposit of the travel price of 20 % is due immediately after concluding the contract (receipt of the booking confirmation).
The due date of the remaining payment depends on the terms agreed upon with the visitor or customer and stated in the booking confirmation. 
3.2 Cancellation, administration and rebooking fees are due for payment immediately.

4. Withdrawal and termination by Einbeck Tourismus
4.1 Einbeck Tourismus
may terminate the contract after the journey has started if the person travelling continues to disturb the execution of the contract despite a warning or if the visitor behaves to such a considerable degree against the terms of contract that an immediate termination of the contract is justified. The local persons authorized by Einbeck Tourismus (especially the service providers, tour and travel guides) are in these cases authorized to exercise the rights of Einbeck Tourismus. If Einbeck Tourismus abrogates the contract the entitlement to the full price remains; however, Einbeck Tourismus has to deduct the value of any expenditure saved as well as the proceeds from other assignments of the travel service, including any amounts that might possibly be credited by the service providers. 
4.2 In accordance with the following regulations, Einbeck Tourismus may withdraw from the travel agreement in case a minimum number of participants specifically stated in the travel description is not reached: 
a) Einbeck Tourismus is obliged to inform the person travelling about the cancellation of the trip immediately after it is certain that the journey will not be carried out because the minimum number of participants is not reached. 
b) Einbeck Tourismus may not withdraw later than 20 days before departure. 
4.3 If Einbeck Tourismus is obliged to refund the travel price due to a with-drawal, the refund has to be effected immediately, but in any case within 14 days after receipt of the cancellation.

5. Withdrawal by the customer, rebooking
For packages, day trips and several-day trips the person travelling may withdraw from the travel agreement by written explanation to Einbeck Tourismus at any point before departure. 
5.2 In case of withdrawal by the person travelling, Einbeck Tourismus is entitled to the following compensation: 
a) Once booked, an administration fee of € 15.00 
b) From 21 to 7 days before departure 40 % of the travel price 
c) From 6 days before departure or in case of no-show 60 % of the travel price 
It is permitted for the visitor to proof to Einbeck Tourismus that there were no or less costs than the charged all-in fee. In this case, the visitor is only obliged to pay the actual costs incurred.
5.4 Einbeck Tourismus reserves the right to charge a higher compensation in individual cases, in which higher costs that are to be specified and proved to the person travelling have occurred. 
5.5 However, Einbeck Tourismus may not claim any compensation if at the place of destination or in its immediate vicinity there are unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances that may have a considerable impact on carrying out the package travel or transportation of persons to the place of destination.
5.6 With regard to refunds of the travel price in case of a withdrawal, refer to the conditions stated under 4.3. 

6. Obligation and termination by the visitor
The person travelling is obliged to notify defects immediately to Einbeck Tourismus or its representative (tour guide, travel guide) and demand remedy. If Einbeck Tourismus could not provide remedy because of a negligent omission of the notice of defects, the person travelling may not claim neither any reduction (Section 651m BGB [German Civil Code]) nor compensation (Section 651n BGB). 
6.2 If the package trip is considerably affected by a defect, the person travelling may cancel the contract in accordance with the legal provisions (Section 651e BGB), if previously an adequate deadline was given to Einbeck Tourismus to provide remedy. No deadline shall apply if Einbeck Tourismus refuses to provide remedy of if immediate remedy is required.

7. Liability
The contractual liability of Einbeck Tourismus for damages that are not bodily injuries is limited to thrice the travel price, insofar that a damage on the side of the visitor is not caused deliberately or negligently by Einbeck Tourismus.
7.2 Einbeck Tourismus
is not liable for defaults related to services that are only arranged as third-party services (e.g. sports events, overnight stays, exhibitions, excursions etc.) and that are explicitly marked as third-party services in the specific service description.
7.3 Einbeck Tourismus is not liable for bodily injuries or damages and accidents that were caused by the visitor.

8. Place of jurisdiction, others
If one of the terms above should be ineffective or become ineffective, the further terms keep their validity and the effectiveness of the travel agreement shall remain unaffected. 
8.2 Place of jurisdiction for legal actions of the visitor against Einbeck Tourismus is Einbeck.


Note on Article 13DSGVO [Data Protection Regulation]: You will find information with regard to data protection on this website on privacy.


State: July 2021


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